3 Oct 2015

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Wedding Venue!!

When it comes to deciding on your wedding entertainment, booking the right type for your chosen wedding venues is really important you don’t want to be squeezing a whole band onto a tiny stage, or putting an acoustic duo in the middle of a field. If it won’t fit your chosen wedding venues, don’t try to work it out. Make sure that upon choosing a venue, you need to choose the right entertainment that would fit into it. So if you’ve decided to provide amusement for your guests at your wedding, you need to make sure that your entertainment is going to fit the venue you’ve chosen.

•If you’ve got a large space to fill, then your entertainment choices are only really limited by your budget. One idea we love is holding a ceilidh for your guests.

•This is something that would appeal to children in your wedding. Magicians and entertainers always go down well at weddings. A magician walking around performing tricks is a great icebreaker while guests are having drinks, and an added bonus is a magician can work in the smallest of spaces.

•Ideally, look for venues where everything is in the same room. Nothing splits up a party more than having a bar in another room. Please bear in mind the more areas you have open (garden, games room, bar, room for buffet, lobby etc) to your guests the more they will be dispersed. Sometimes it might be a good idea to close the space down so you can provide a more intimate, atmospheric party whereby all your guests are mingling together.

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•Majority of wedding timings get pushed back as the day progresses with photo shoots taking longer than expected, possible delays in food service and of course the best man’s speech taking forever to finish. This results in the evening reception starting later than planned, so do factor-in these possible delays into your timings as one thing that won’t shift back is the curfew time.

•For small, intimate weddings. If you’ve opted for smaller cheap wedding venues, maybe you’re having a dinner in a private room in a restaurant. Then there are plenty of ways to entertain your guests that don’t require a lot of space. If you’re having less than 20 or so guests you should forget about having a disco. It needs a critical mass of people to create the right mood. However, you could try to create an old-fashioned nightclub kind of atmosphere if you’re having an evening do with a limited number of guests.


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