21 Nov 2015

Hawaii wedding ceremony with a sand ceremony is not less than a heaven!

Julie Rollins and Phillip Gray Hawaii Wedding

A wedding in Hawaii offers highest quality wedding and vow renewal services to all couples all over the world.  Everyone who comes to enjoy their wedding in Hawaii find the peaceful, serene atmosphere of Hawaii beaches.

Hi, Julie Rollins and Phillip Gray, are going to show you how we made our wedding day more memorable through "A wedding in Hawaii" services.

•    We both were tied a knot on Oct 31, 2015. The day welcomed us heavy rain showers at Kahala beach. That heavy rain indicated the good signs for our wedding in Hawaii.
•    Within five minutes, rain stopped! We felt like rain showers reached us only to give their blessings on our special day.
•    Then, the limousine arrived to the wedding venue and we were welcomed warmly by Roger and Rev. Mike Nelson. Julie was covered herself with a chic wedding gown. And I was wearing a white shirt and tan trousers. As we trolled in the sand, we were feeling the fresh ocean air and beautiful morning with some clouds.
•    We were very much excited for our Hawaiian sand ceremony.
•    Finding a beautiful green dewy spot for the Hawaii wedding ceremony, under the coconut tree was easy that day. Not a sole, calm and tranquil with only the sound of waves on the sand.
•    Then Rev. Mike announced and spoke about commitment of love and marriage. The Hawaii wedding with a sand ceremony was giving us extreme excitement and happiness and seems as a symbol of blending of our lives.
•    After that, I and Julie faced each other, holding hands; each repeated our Hawaii vows to each other. Then, we heard the voice of thunder and felt like a blessing was bestowed on us.
•    That was a lucky Hawaii wedding, and we will always remember and cherish that special day, to take the occasion home to Las Vegas. The ceremony was beautiful and continued with the ring exchange, blessings and exchange the symbol and gift of love of flower leis.
•    Professional Hawaii wedding photographer clicked beautiful wedding pictures o help remember their special day. And enjoy a final walk in the sand. Next to it, limo ride with champagne was waiting. An evening cruise and dinner, sailing past Waikiki was awaiting; as we rode away sipping champagne in our limousine.
•    In this way, we enjoyed our special day and “ A wedding in Hawaii" made it even more special. Big thanks to their friendly team. We appreciate the services provided by them to make our wedding day more romantic and classy. Even our guests loved the wedding arrangements!


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